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HOW TO GET BITCOIN THAT YOU CAN TRANSFER TO YOUR BITCOIN WALLET ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE, You should have a Bitcoin wallet downloaded and installed

Changetip (fast & easy but just for small amounts of Bitcoin (up to $50) using a credit card)
What Changetip is for, tipping people on social networks..

  • - Go to
  • - You can login to Changetip with your Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or GooglePlus account.
  • - Create password for ChangeTip, remember this password because you will need it a later.
  • - Once Your Changetip account is created and the neccessary info is filled out, go to the "Deposit" menu
  • - The Deposit page will have a link for "Add a new card" and enter your credit card information.
  • - Once the credit card info is entered, you can enter the amount of money in dollars you want to convert into Bitcoin.
  • - There will be a fee of two dollars and seventy-five cent to process this transaction.
  • - If the transaction is successful, then you will see page with "BTC Deposit Order Via Credit Card" and the status should be "Success".
  • - When you return to the Deposit / Withdraw page and find the Withdraw area of the page
  • - Now open your Bitcoin wallet that you already set up. Find "Receive money" area of your Bitcoin wallet and copy your public address to the clipboard.
  • Your public address will start with a 1and be a series of random numbers and letters.
  • - You will need to paste this public address into the "Wallet Address" of the Changetip Withdraw area. Enter the amount of money in Bitcoin you want to transfer to your Bitcoin wallet on your mobile device. Be sure the whole public address is pasted in there and not just part of it, or the money will be lost in limbo.
  • - You will see the amount in Dollars or Euro that will be transfered to into how much Bitcoin. Then hit the send button. You will need to enter your Changetip password one more time to complete the transaction.
  • - You will see a message to let you know that your transfer of Bitcoin to your mobile device has been added to the que and this can take a few minutes or an hour.message is " Great Success!
  • Your withdrawal request has been added to the queue. Withdrawals are verified, which may take a few hours. If this is urgent please contact us and we will escalate."
  • - Open your Bitcoin wallet on your mobile device and wait until you are notified that you have received the Bitcoin to your wallet on your phone.
  • - You now have Bitcoin on your mobile device.