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For iPhone, I like Bread Wallet
For Android - Mycelium
What Changetip is for, tipping people on social networks..

  • - Go to your app store for iPhone or Android
  • - Look for either Bread Wallet or Mycelium (Android).
  • - Once downloaded and installed, launch the app
  • - I assume you are new to this Bitcoin thing so you are going to want to set up a new wallet, select that option
  • - You are going to be given 12 words that are very important, carefully write these words down someplace safe, you will need these words to recover your Bitcoin wallet if your phone is lost, stolen or broken
  • - Now you have a Bitcoin wallet installed and now you need to know how to use it
  • - There are two things a wallet can do easily, send and receive Bitcoin, you have two menus, "Send Money" and if you swipe the menu, you will see "receive money"
  • - To send money, you have the option of selecting "Scan QR code" or Pay from clipboard"
  • - The artwork for Project 256 uses a QR code to give you the public Bitcoin address for the homeless person in the portrait. If you see this art in a photo or see the painting in front of you, there is a square with lots of black smaller squares. That is a QR code. With your Bitcoin wallet open, and in the "Send Money" menu, select "scan QR code" and allow the app to access your iPhone camera if needed
  • - You will see the camera turn on and a square will be visible inside the camera. Align the QR code on the painting inside the square on your iPhone camera. When it registers the public Bitcoin address, the camera will turn off and you will see a number keypad.
  • - At the bottom, you will see a long string of numbers and letters that usually start with number 1. This is the Bitcoin address you are going to send Bitccoin to from your Bitcoin wallet.
  • If you dont have any Bitcoin in your wallet, you will not be able to send any Bitcoin. Go and see question #2 to learn how to get a small amount Bitcoin without much hassel or ID
  • -If you do have Bitcoin, type in the numbers to indicate how much Bitcoin you want to send. You can usually see how much in Euro or Dollars the number you typed in is currently worth
  • -Be careful how much you are sending, when you are sure hit the send button
  • You will see your transaction confirmed by the blockchain and you can see your transaction on the blockchain by going to and searching for the Bitcoin address you sent your payment to. Yes it was that easy.