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Didier by C215

Didier is originally from Bretagne, but now calls Paris his home. He fell upon some hard times financially and is trying to get himself back on track. Recently he has had some help and artist C215 chose Didier to be the subject of his portrait for Project 256. Didier usually spends his time near Place d'Italie and so C215 decided to paint Didier's portrait in this area as well. What I find interesting about this portrait is that C215 created multiple stencils for this painting, and stencils are used to create detailed paintings quickly on the street. When it came time to paint this portrait on the wall, C215 had Didier assist him by helping to hold each of the stencils in place, so Didier was able to participate in the creation of the painting and see the end result immediately, a portrait of himself.

This painting is located near the Place d'Italie on Boulevard Vincent Auriol, near the "Les Alps" bus station (see Google Map above right). You can use the QR code in the painting to send Didier Bitcoin or use his public address below, and you can see how many and how much has been sent to Didier using this link - 1NZ5XBoiVyyZRpfTmNxEmK3YBAVe8DaX2s


C215 ( - Christian Guémy, also known as C215 is a Parisian street artist focused on stencil graffiti. Born in 1973, C215 started spray painting in 2005 and is today one of the finest, and most productive stencil artists on the street art scene.

C215's art captures a light, depth, and humanity that is difficult, and rare using stencils, his chosen medium. Stencils tend to flatten images and make them static, but C215 has developed a style of illustrating and stenciling that yields an impressionistic illumination of his subject's character. Even though his technique is meticulously refined, C215's work transcends the formal and seems to get to the core of compassion and belief in the human spirit.